Crimson Council

the VR Guild

What is Crimson Council?

Crimson Council aims to be the top Guild spanning all of VR. From taking on Endgame content in VRMMOs, racing to the finish line in Guild sponsored tournaments and seasons, streaming live gameplay and talk shows and just hanging out in Brimm's Tavern relaxing and chatting - we know gaming in VR is better when it's social. Our Guild focuses on creating lasting friendships and bonds that transcend reality and span the Metaverse.

games we play

Dungeon Crawler

Flight Sim / Multiplayer Sky Battle

Dash Dash World
8 Player Kart Racing Mayhem

and many more.

upcoming games we support that you should check out

We can't wait to get our hands on this game. Designing our own campaigns and playing them together is going to be so much fun!

We spent a lot of time in the Alpha testing for Ilysia and cant wait to lose ourselves in this virtual world. They have a patreon you can support and get lots of in game loot!


Why should I join a VR guild?
VR is better when it's social. Even the most mediocre games become unforgettable experiences when you are playing them with friends. Joining a guild gives you access to friends to play with, lots of firsthand knowledge of equipment and games, and a place to hang out and chat when you should probably be working.

Ok, but why should I join Crimson Council?
We're awesome. We're a group of adults from all different backgrounds and circumstances but we share one thing in common - The love of getting lost in a great game with friends. Joining us means having an awesome group of people to back you up in the Metaverse. Need a squad for Population One or a team for Nock? Maybe you're stuck on a group quest in Zenith or need someone to hold a flashlight in Phasmophobia. We use special roles in Discord so you can alert everyone in the guild that plays those specific games and see if they are available to join up and take it on with you.

You're all different? How do you all get along so well?
Like I said, we're all adults. The guild is our escape from real reality and we don't discuss politics, pressing social issues, or divisive topics - this keeps the peace. We respect each other and expect each member to do the same. Though we can get in some heated arguments about gameplay mechanics and whether or not Dash Dash is actually fun.

Is Dash Dash fun?
Join our racing league and find out.

Are there any expectations out of me if I join?
The only expectations we have out of members is that you treat everyone with respect and do your best to follow our code of conduct any time you are representing the guild. We have some members that only play games a couple times a month and some members that are either chatting or playing games 12 hours a day.

How much does it cost?
Membership to Crimson Council is 100% FREE. (There are ways to support us if you ever feel like doing so but there is absolutely no obligation)

How do I join?
Go to our
Discord and start chatting. Read the rules and introduce yourself.